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Wire Training Crates

Collapsible and Durable Training Crates for Dogs

Our wire crates are the ideal training solution for small dogs. This crate offers a designated "home base" within your home, aiding in the smooth transition to a regular crate routine. With two latching doors, your pet can enter and exit securely, and the collapsible design allows for convenient storage and space-saving during transport. Lightweight and easy to handle, this crate is suitable for emergencies or travel. The leak-proof plastic pan ensures hassle-free cleanup in case of spills or accidents, providing practicality for pet owners. Non-skid feet prevent unwanted movement, ensuring the crate stays securely in place. Perfect for multi-dog households, these collapsible crates provide individual spaces, promoting impulse control, managing separation anxiety, and reducing stress. Embrace crate-training to create a positive association, making your dog view the crate as a safe haven rather than associating it solely with negative events. Find the perfect crate for your furry friend at and establish a secure and comfortable "home within your home" today.

20" Dogs 1-10 lbs - Training Crates
24" Dogs 10-20 lbs - Training Crates
50% OFF 30" Dogs 20-30lbs - Training Crates
36" Dogs 30-50 lbs - Training Crates
42" Dogs 50-100 lbs - Training Crates
48" Dog 100+ lbs - Training Crates
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